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“Eco-kitchen-friendly” design

Modern kitchen design is what European cabinets are known for. Pedini developed Eko to allow more people to be able to own an advanced, modern design, eco-friendly contemporary European kitchen, at an affordable price.




Each object in its place, for easy use and absolute reliability

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Textured laminate door

Made of 18 mm. thick wooden fiber, covered with thermostructured material tranchè finishing, interior “satin” finish. ABS th.10/10 mm on 4 edge

Available colors for textured laminate door

[Not a valid template]

Bi-laminated door

Made of 18 mm tick wooden fiber, coated with matte melamine. ABS th.10/10mm on 4 edges joined with laser system

Available colors for bi-laminated door

[Not a valid template]

Lacquered door

Made of 18 mm. thick MDF balanced panels, with squared edges. Front surface and visible edges in glossy lacquered white RAL 9016, back surface matt lacquered white RAL 9016.

Available colors for direct glossy lacquered door

[Not a valid template]

Available colors for mat lacquered door

[Not a valid template]

Glass door

Aluminum frame finishing with satin tempered glass.


Wall units opening without handle. All the drawers and baskets can have Servodrive or TIP-ON opening


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