At Pedini, producing green kitchens is not a trend, or an option – it’s a way of life! For years, we have been producing nothing but green products – this is how we maintain a perfect synthesis between safeguarding the environment and the ultimate care for the health of our clients:

  • All the wood we are using comes exclusively from sustainable sources (farmed trees, not old growth forests).
  • We adhere to environmentally friendly practices in our production line and in our various production facilities. Since July of 2010, Pedini is using solar energy, generated from its own solar energy system.

* In Europe, the present limit (of gas emission) is up to 0.1 ppm (parts per million), and the panel that qualified is called E1. In Japan the classification of the emissions in panels are sorted from F* to F****.

The emissions of the Marine Grade Ecological Panel Pedini uses, puts themwell under of the Japanese value F**** (the most strict one) and 5 times lower than the European E1!

In California, the most proactive state to the area of ecology and consumer in the US, the law establishes new limits of emission for all of all wood products. The California law states that in the first phase (2009), levels of emission will have to be within the 0.12 ppm (parts per million) and in the second phase (2011), within the 0.09 ppm.

The values of emission of the Marine Grade Ecological Panel Pedini uses, is already 0.04 ppm – today!